Stella’s 2 month!

Well if you all can’t notice it’s a little past two months! We’ve done 2 photo shoots but still haven’t found the time to put them on her blog.

Yesterday seemed to be the perfect day…. But as any other Mom knows, don’t make plans with a baby… They will never go as scheduled!

The day started out with me washing our bedroom sheets for the third time this week. First was my regular washing, second Stella spit up on them, then this morning she peed on them! I know, I know, this ametuer mother should have learned her lesson by how many times Stella’s peed on the couch…. But that’s another conversation. So we got the sheets off threw them in the washer and got a new set of cozy PJ’s to hang out in!

We had our usual morning coffee and oatmeal and sat down to enjoy the Today show. This was looking like a great day!

Well…this is how the rest of the day went. Stella Threw up at my doctors appt… Didn’t have a change of clothes for babe but luckily had a brand new onsie I had purchased at the gap a few days before (but it hadn’t been washed in the all mighty DREFT… So yes, I again was the bad mom who didn’t re-stock the diaper bag with a fresh dreft cleaned outfit and had to put her baby in a oversized, not washed onsie)

So we get home from that fiasco in hopes of a calming afternoon with Dad. I change babies diaper and she seems a little red down there, let me put some diaper rash cream on that to prevent it from getting worse. I always use aquaphor but there was none in site so I grabbed the desitin. BAD IDEA!!! She screamed her head off and I realized it was burning her poor tush! Oh lord get it off as fast as you can without rubbing her skin and turning it more red!!! At this point I don’t know whether to cry or give up! What else could go wrong?

I lay baby down on a towel and leave her naked so her poor tush can dry out and I can blow on it for an hour… Why don’t I clip her nails at the same time? I mean she did just scratch her face the other night. Clip her nails? Or clip a piece of skin and make her bleed. Little bit… At this point I think you all know which one I did. Okay, add it to the LIST of “bad mom” things I’ve done all day!

At least the day ended with babe in my arms and bubu to my side. I am sure every mom has these kind of “days” and I’m sure it won’t be my last…

Enjoy the pictures of Stella’s 2 months…












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